William SalomMature

She was so beautiful. More than I could describe. I think I had fallen in love. I had catched her! She was unaware of how much he love'd her body against his feathers. But he had to pull away. Then she had jumped into the lake and I had left. Yes, my name is William Salom. I am the age 19, I have dark blond hair, green eye's, and I was a sharp-shinned hawk. The most common. She would never be able to love me. I walk into the garden and pick up the flower she named me with. I hold the flower to my heart. I go into the garden shed, and take out some shears. I go to the rose bush and start working steadly. Finally I finish and she is there by the garden. She is humming to herself. I back away and go to my shed and my room. I lye in my bed, and pick up the book I was reading...

In the morning I wash my hands and face in the cold water. I put on some clothes and push the door and reveal the beautiful sunglight of the morning. I grab a shovel, and grab some seeds. I go to the empty pot and fill them with dirt. Then I take a small shovel and make small holes in the dirt. After I'm finished that one by one I place the seeds in the dirt. I don't knowtice Corva behind me until she walks up and places a hand on my shoulder. "You should try and put the pots in the sun and shade so when the sun hits from one side and rotates to the othereach side gets sun and each side gets shade. That's what I do" she sais. "Um...ok" I say, oh wow very intelligent! She smiles and sits on the grass. She spreads her wings underneath her back and she lays down. I want to touch her wing but resist the feeling.Well, me avoiding her doesn't really work. 

The End

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