Life goes onMature

I run to my rooms and open the doors to my balcony. I gaze out at the lake surrounding our village. He wasn't special, no he was the most common. I was forbidden to even speak to commoners. I wish I wasn't born the only red-tailed hawk. Maybe I should go back and say I'm sorry. No, I would go for a fly.I jump off the railing. I extend my wings to their full lengh. Then I plaster my arms against my body. My wings catch the breeze and pull me further. I soar up and up and up. Until it gets hard to breathe. I wish I could escape. I feel the prescence of the guards behind me. I suddenly bank sharply. My course changes so abruptly they have to recircle. I'm nose diving down. My small slight body carying me. Then just before I hit the ground I turn upward, and come face to face with William. "What are you doing?" He asks. I shoot into the air, not bothering to look back. I hear the wingbeats and heavy breathing of William behiund me. I wasn't even breaking a sweat. I laugh and pull higher. Until I sharply tilt my wings down and he rockets up into the sky. I hover for awhile chuckling silently at how slow he was.  The something hit me on the back. It was heavey but my wings could hold it up. I shake trying to get it off. Then I hear a masculine laugh. I narrow my eye's, so you want to play a game do you? I pretend that I gave up and he loosens his grip. I then spread my wings to their full length, he goes tumbling off. I fly up to him and smile. "So, your pretty good at flying, but I bet you, that if you tried you couldn't catch me" I say. "Oh really?" he sais, and the dance begins again. I bank, slow down, rocket past him, yet he still doesn't give up. I know he's way up in the sky so I fly to the ground. My wings fold on my back and I cup my hands and find a lake. I dip my hands into the lake and drink it deeply. I hear something coming and next thing I know Wings are envoloping me. "I told you I'd catch you!" he sais. I feel the softness of his feathers and want to lye in them. But he folds his wings to his back and steps away. I now know I'm blushing, I could feel the red hotness in my cheeks. I jump into the lake and spread my wings so I can catch the small current. When I resurface he is gone.

The End

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