If you grew up with wings. You would suspect something was wrong. But in Camartay, wings are a form of beauty and strengh. Our town in the center of Camartay, we are called the hawklings. For we are all born of a different breed of hawk. I was born a red-tailed hawk. I was the first red-tailed hawk ever. So for some reason I was worshiped among my people. They treated me like a goddess among them. I grew up in a royal palace. I had seven guards that at a flick of my wing they would come to my summon. I liked this life, except for one thing. My mother and father we're not allowed in the palace. They said they'd dirty my purity. But I found a way to be content in the palace. For I had the whole town at my command. I couldn't have been more wrong...


One day I was walking in the beautiful garden. I was marveling at the beauty of the flowers, when a hand rested on my shoulder. "It's beautiful, is it not?" asked a voice. I spun around to face the stranger. "Yes, it's very beautiful. Who are you?" I asked while smilling. "My name's William, William Salom. What's yours?" He asked. "No one ever asks what my name is" I say taken aback. "But if you want to know it's Corva" I look at him waiting for his shocked expression. It didn't come, he must be new. "Your not from around here, are you?" I ask. He shakes his head. "I was caught when I was a child, I escaped and I'm now the gardener for this magnificent palace" he sais. I smile at him, and walk to one of the flowers. I pluck it and go over to him. "Well, new William. I name you sir flower pants the first" I say, and pat the flower on each of his shoulders. He scowls, and looks at the flower in my hand. "That was...weird" I say, grinning sheepishly. He smiles and tries to force his face into a pout. "So what hawk are you?" I ask him. "Sharp-shinned" he sais. I sigh he was a commoner. "I must leave, M.R. Salom, goodbye" I say and leave without another word.

The End

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