Haven't you wished ?

Just kind of wanting to be as good as another person, then realized why try? You are a completely different person

Haven't you ever wished to do something as well as another person

I've wished so many times that when I read I would sound as if the words came to life, as though they were meant for only me to read, as though I have practiced them a thousand times. 

I've wished that I could write as wonderfully and intuitively as a friend, who writes as though her soul is put into everything she works on , to place my essence into the writing.

I've wished and hoped and dreamed and tried and I am not as good as them but I try. To me this trying to be like them is troublesome. Why should I try to be like them when I am "Me" and nobody else? I have my own flair and ring to my writing it is different from their writings because we aren't the same , we never will be. So remember when you read this , you should never try to be someone you are not and try to achieve impossible goals by trying to write a exactly like another person does it just will not work.


The End

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