Bernard is faced with the end of the world and the end of humanity. Being one of the free men of a tyrannical rule, his choices will make a world of difference.

Chapter 1 Rebellion

I sit at what was once a train terminal.

I myself once sat at this terminal 15 years ago when it was just finished. Though it's job was mundane it protected us from the elements so elegantly. So grand. I was just a kid who's dreams were simple. Grow up and get an education then a career. Support myself then support a family and a dog too. I didn't want save the world and I didn't want fame. I just wanted to get by and if I could, I would help others get by. Kind of like this train terminal.

But along with the terminal and the world, my dreams of a normal life were all shattered. At the time we all knew there was going to be an energy crisis. But it hit us much faster then we had anticipated. In a desperate attempt to ween off of dwindling natural resources, we built sea side wave converters and wind turbines. Every country built enough to support their people. But what they didn't realize at the time was that massive amounts of tiny worldwide changes to the environment, though self sustainable, was so malevolent. The wind patterns changed and the ocean began to swell as all the tropical winds swept north.

The world was ravaged by natural disasters. All the nations blamed each other but were forced put down their differences lest they watch the world end in bickering. Everyone gradually tore down their energy sources and bid to find a new energy source that didn't affect the world in the long run. USA bluffed that it was on the verge of completing a perfect source of power to gain support. It did this because they were already so far in debt that they had little means to research. And so with that bluff came sabotage. Or so they claimed. But then the truth came out after the world was demolished by WW3. It was just an accident that caused the decimation of their research labs.

WW3 otherwise known as the 7 years war raged on and on until an event so unexpected happened literally over night. A crime syndicate known as The Arcane rose up with their private armies and performed a Coup d'état upon the USA and many political towers across Europe. For the first time in 7 years there was peace. But that wasn't what they aimed for. They coerced the rest of the world to submit to them or be destroyed. Now The Arcane ruled the world in 22 factions.

The world was still flooding and the crisis's were ever more pressing as world poverty became an epidemic. The Arcane created havens for themselves and select individuals. Those individuals were generally young girls and boys to satisfy their carnal needs and feed their service industries. For those girls and boys their bodies were worth the price of comfort and indulgence. For them anything was better than living in the flooding slums controlled by the syndicate.

Their methods of controlling the Slummers were ruthless. We performed heavy tasks of labour in the outskirt regions of their havens. Those who resided even further outwards were scavengers seek for scrap pieces that were worth money and sold it back at The Arcane outposts. How they paid us? They threw us their sickest animal from their farms and a dose of an addictive drug they forced upon their working force when the era of tyranny began. Each Faction has it's own proprietary drug used to distinguish their 'citizens'

I live in Faction 22; The Lovers faction. It was once known as Canada. We're Faction 22 because we were the last to be assimilated into this system. The proprietary drug of 22 is something they call EL-o-vee. God knows what it represents. But the locals just call it Love for short. Makes us all feel a bit more human because who doesn't need love and the way it makes us feel right? Well now we all 'need' Love and how it makes us feel is numb and complacent.

I'm a little different though I broke free of the drug's addictive claws. I still work to get food and the doses but I use them to rehabilitate my friends. Just as unpredictably as The Arcane swept the world. The numbers of us freed from the clutches of Love grew exponentially. What we thought was going to be just freedom became a fight. We were their work force after all. We sustained them. They tried to suppress us but we escaped easily. I supposed, despite their training and daily drills, a real life event of defiance and desperation was something they had never accounted for. We managed to plunder a few rifles from the soldiers that attacked us for defense if we were attacked again.

Now my friends and I roam the sea side and survive off the land.

I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Bernard

And this is how my story begins.

The End

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