As the Precious Moments Drip By

"Me. Obviously," Devon stated.

I stared at him. His cocky confidence bothered me. Not enough time had elapsed to have correctly come to a well-thought-out conclusion. "Are you sure?"

"Yes. This seems to be a male dominated event, so it makes sense that I should be the one to get this envelope," he reasoned. He bent down to pick up the envelope.

"Wait," I hissed. He glanced up from his crouched position with a look of shock and impatience. I ignored him, I was examining my surroundings. There was something about this spot. I felt as if I was missing something. I let my eyes wander over the white walls, the white floor, the white ceiling. What was I missing? I closed my eyes to think. But instead of the dark, I could see. By blinding myself like I was when I had first arrived, I was allowed to see through another pair of eyes; although I didn't know whose. "It is mine."

"Why?" he demanded, his hand still poised about the packet.

"Simple. This was where I was seated."

"You cannot know that. Everything is white. There are no reference points."

"Close your eyes and tell me what you see."

"Nothing. My eyes are closed," he sneered.

"I see us. All of us. In the line we were placed in when we were bought here, waiting in the darkness with eyes wide open." I shudder. "The envelope is under my chair."

"How do I know you're not just making this up?"

I sighed, closing my eyes again and breath deep. "Take four steps back. Just trust me on this. Five steps, normal steps! to the left. Ben down and run your hand along the floor in front of you. Pull." I heard him sap as he picked up the watch I had just foreseen him find.

"How did you know this was there?" he was suspicious now.

"I saw it when I closed my eyes. It's how I know that this envelope is mine."

He gave a displeased grunt and sharply inclined his head towards the envelope. As I bent down, Devon slipped the watch on his wrist.

When I touched the manila outside, a light shown from the center and my name appeared in perfect calligraphy, the same writing that had been on our first note. I brought the package to our table and sat down. Before I had even opened it, without tearing any edge, Devon joined me.

"What's it say?"

I glared at him, my body frozen in time. "Well, A, I haven't opened it yet, as you can see, and B, the original note said that this envelope was only for one of us."

"What's the worst that can happen? A little shock? I was going to share with you," he begged.

I stopped opening the envelope and set it down on the table. I rested my hands in my lap. I gazed at Devon. There was a challenge in my eyes that I knew he wouldn't be able to resist. He reached for the package. He yelped in pain and surprise. "It burned me!"

He franticly waved his hand back and forth, finally resorting to putting his fingers in his mouth to cool them. I held back the urge to say I told you so! and picked up my envelope. I broke the seal.

A loud Bang! sounded from behind me. Without looking, I knew it was a couple returning. I stealthily slid the envelope into an inside pocket of the blazer I was wearing.

From the look on Devon's face, I knew it was the cocky couple returning. I turned around in time to see cocky grins slip from their faces. It was obvious they had expected to be the first done.

"Hi Devon. Hi Ally. Didn't expect to see you here," Evan called. The two walked up to our table together. "How did your task go? Ours was super easy. A piece of cake, I'd say. If the rest of them are like this, it'll be a walk in the park!"

Devon replied in an easy manner, "Ours too. We were done in five minutes. What took you guys so long? Or was it not as easy of a task for you?"

Evan recoiled, as if slapped in the face. Penny answered instead, "You know, it was probably a different task. At least we knew where to go right away and didn't spend half the time trying to think."

Devon and I let the question slide by with a shrug; there was no way to respond. In as cheerful of a voice as I could manage, I said, "Well, hope the next one goes as swell for you two!"

There was the slightest bit of sarcasm in my voice, but they caught it and walked off to their own table. Part of me was dying to figure out what was stashed away in my pocket and part of me was wondering if Devon would ever have a chance to look for his envelope.

The End

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