Have A Ball!

This is a story for English students using vocaublary words from lesson 4

There are two boys named Leroy and Ned. They want to play ball. The look for a ball, but they don’t see one.

They take some paper and make a ball. They kick the paperball. Boring. They see a little girl.

Leroy runs behind the house. Ned hides behind a bush. Leroy makes some noise behind the house. The girl turns around.

Ned runs over and grabs the ball. He kicks it to Leroy. Leroy catches it and runs away.

The girl picks up a book and throws it at Ned. It hits Ned in the belly. He picks up the little girl, and throws her on the roof.

She screams. Her father catches Ned and Leroy. He kicks them down the street. 

The End

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