Haunting (continued)Mature

 I woke up in a room that would have been pretty if I wasn't so scared. I sat up and realized I was in a silk nightgown. Ugh, one of those boys must have changed me. I looked around the room. It had a soft brown color walls and purple carpet. It had a closet (looked like a walk in closet) on the wall across from me and a window and a desk with books and a computer on the wall on my left. On the wall on my right had the door and a night stand next to the bed. I looked up and saw a giant crystal chandalier hanging from the wall. I heard a knock on the door then called, "Uhmm, come in?" The door opened and I saw the werewolf come in. He wasn't a werewolf, he was in human form. But I'm still not sure if what I saw last night was real or not. "Uh, hi, Emily... I came up to see if you where awake." He cleared his throat uncomfertably and wouldn't look at me in the eye. "Uhm, yeah, I'm awake. But I am kinda confused and hungry." I told him. "Oh, I'll have Demetrie cook you something and I'll bring it up." He said then started walking downstairs. But then I called, "What about the questions I have?" He stopped for a mili-second then pretended like he didn't hear me. I waited a couple of seconds and followed him out the door. I would have gotten completely lost if I couldn't hear his footsteps. But we finally turned a corner then I heard talking. "She said she's hungry and wants to have her questions answered." The werwolf informed. I still didn't know his name. Then I heard the wispy voice of Andrew, "We should just dispose of her! She's too suspicious! She can't be the one!" "No, I've seen it in my visions! She is the one we've been looking for!" Demetrie said. I'm the what?! Then Andrew and Demetrie started arguing. "Enough!" Mathew's voice bellowed. They immidiantly stopped fighting. "Demetrie! You have let me see your visions and I agree this is the girl. Andrew, if Demetrie and I are both wrong, you shall have the honor to dispose of this creature. Max! Make the girl some food and bring it up to her. Once she is done we shall answer her questions." Mathew told everyone with that leadership voice of his, and I'm guessing that the werewolf's name is Max. I hurried into my room remembering every turn Max and I made.

     Max came into my room a few minutes after with a tray full of food. I smiled and took the tray from him. He smiled back the headed towards the door. But he stopped then said, "Uhmm, when your done, just press that button." he said while pointing to a button on the night stand. Really?! A button?! Wow. "Okay, thanks." I told him then dug into my food.

   I finished my food after a few minutes then pressed the button, hesitating at first. When I did press it I felt an immidiant coldness rush into the room. Then a whispering voice said, "Like the gown I put you in? I know I do!" Then I felt a gentle hand go on my face. I tryed feeling which hand was on my face and realized it was a left hand. I followed up the invisable hand and got a pretty good idea of where the face would be. I lifted up my hand and slapped where I thought the face was. Immidiantly I felt a face where my hand was. Then Andrew appeared smiling. I glared at him. "Your a fiesty one, aren't you?!" he asked. Then he picked me up bridal style then ran downstairs at inhuman speed.

The End

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