"Trick or treat!" the kids chimed as soon as I opened the door. I smiled and handed every kid a piece of candy. Then they ran off when they got their piece. I closed the door and went to get more candy for the almost-empty bowl. I went to the kitchen and grabbed the bag when I jumped to the sound of knocking on the window. I yelped then turned toward the noise. "Jared, you scared me!" I gasped as I saw my best friend on the other side of the window wearing his costume. He laughed then went around the house and walked in the front door. "Em, how come your not in your costume?" He asked while jacking some candy then making himself at home. "I don't want to go out this year." I mumbled. "Won't, or can't?" He asked. I sighed the said, "Can't." "Ahhh Em, what'd you do this time?" he sighed then popped a Tootsie Roll inside his mouth. "All I did was yell at my mom, a little." I grumbled. "And..." he pressed, knowing there was more. "And yelled at my teacher." He chuckled, "And..." "And I might have skipped detention yesterday." "And..." "And I might have accidently put a teeny dent in my dad's car." I confessed. "Teeny?" Jared asked, not believing it. "Ugh, fine, a big dent! Happy?!" I yelled. He laughed, "Well, I guess we have to hang out here for Halloween!" "What do you mean 'we'? You have to leave before my parents get home!" I told him. "Where are your parents anyway?" he asked, sucking on a Tootsie Roll lolipop. "Taking my brother out trick or treating then out for ice cream. They also made it a point that if I couldn't be responsible or mature, I couldn't do fun stuff. Like I care!" I said then grabbed a Snickers bar and started eating it. Jared smiled then asked, "When are they getting back?" I looked down at my watch. They said around 12 so, "About 3 hours, why?" He grabbed my hand then explained, "We are going to get you a costume, then we're going to a totally sick Halloween party!" I sighed then let Jared pull me to his car.

     We ended up getting myself an eskimo girl thing dress costume then we headed to Jared's house so I could get ready. Jared pulled up to his drive way and opened the car door for me. I smiled at him then walked inside his house. "Hello, Emily!" His mom's voice called in from the kitchen. "Hello!" I responded then headed upstairs to Jared's room. He plopped onto his bed then called, "You can get dressed, I won't mind!" I through one of his shoes at him, "Perv!!" Then went inside his bathroom while he laughed. I managed to get dressed, do my makeup, and hair all in 15 minutes! Boy, was I good! I came out to see the Jared wasn't there. Either, he went downstairs, was in the bathroom, or was playing a trick on me! I sighed then went downstairs, keeping my guard up so he wouldn't scare me. When I found that the house was empty ( I mean completely empty... bathroom and all) I got a little freaked. I pulled out my cell phone and texted Jared 'Jared, enough with the games! Where are you?' I waited a little but he didn't text back. I sighed. Stupid Jared. I went outside to his car expecting to see Jared. I looked around but nobody was there. And usually this block was packed on Halloween night, but not one kid in sight. I shivered, feeling a sudden coldness go down the back of my neck. I felt eyes on me, but when I turned around, nobody was there. I was getting scared so I started walking back home. I checked my watch, 9:45. My parents had another 3 hours till they got home... I had time.

    I was half way home when I came to the ally that always freaked me out when I was a little girl... and it still sorta freaked me out. I was walking past it, trying not to look, when I heard a snarl and some whispering. I started walking a little faster, praying Jared would text me back! I was almost away from the ally when I heard whispering right next to me, "Where are you going, you pretty little thing?" Crap. I turned toward the noise but nothing was there. I heard a dog bark then heard something snarl, "Leave her alone, Andrew!" The other voice hissed, "Back off, mutt! I think I just found dinner!" Then I felt cold and I felt someone getting closer, but nobody was there. Then, when I felt a hand gently go on my face, a wolf came out and tackled something that had been next to me. Then I looked in shock and saw the wolf on top of a pale guy, probably 16. He had snow white hair and glowing green eyes (Like Danny Phantom) I gasped as the werewolf shape shifted to a guy. He was 17, it looked, and had brown shaggy hair and black intense eyes. "Get off me you stupid mutt!" Andrew struggled to get out of the other dude's grasp. "Ladies, ladies! No fighting! We have a guest!" Another guy came out with a sweet voice. He had black hair and dark blue eyes. He was wearing a cloak and holding a staff. He walked up to me, smiling. He took my hand then kissed it and said, "Hello, Emily. My name is Demetrie!" I just stared at him not knowing what to say. He chuckled. "Demetrie! Give her to me! I'll take good care of her!" Andrew said while licking his lips. Then yet another guy (how many guys are there?) came out of the dark ally saying, "No! Nobody shall touch her!" Then Demetrie let go of my hand he was still holding. I looked at the guy everyone obeyed. He had shaggy red hair and black eyes. He had a leadership sparkle in his eyes that made me want to do everything he told me to. ALl the guys mumbled, "Yes, Mathew." Then Mathew walked up to me and studied me then said, "Shes the one, take her." then walked away. Demetrie got close to me and whispered, "Sorry, sweety." Then I saw blackness.

The End

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