Page Fifteen

All of Hazel’s questions remained unanswered, until Sunday night.

She was sitting up on her bed, legs crisscrossed. She was texting both Jackie and Sofia, waiting for Jake to show up again. She half hoped that he would come and visit her, but half didn’t. It was frightening the last time, for she had no idea what he was really trying to do, and why he really wanted her dead. But now, she was prepared. Not so much physically, but mentally.

After about fifteen minutes of waiting, Hazel was about ready to give up. Maybe that was just a one-time thing, she thought, almost fully disappointed. Just as she closed her door and turned out her light, Jake appeared once again.

“You’ve been expecting me,” he observed.

“I guess you could say that.”

“You know that I can still spread your secret, even though I’m dead, right?”

Hazel’s heart jumped up to her mouth, but she didn’t show that she was petrified. “Oh really? How does that work?”

“I just haunt their dreams, and tell them that you’re a mutation and killed me just for seeing it,” he snickered.

“Who would believe a ghost in a dream?” Hazel asked.

“Plenty of people.”

“Like who?”

“My parents, my sister, my grandparents, get me?” Jake made a smug little face.

Hazel hesitated, until a plan formed in her mind. “Since when have you become such a jerk?”

“Since you murdered your innocent boyfriend, who was trying to comfort you. I hope you’re not surprised.”

“But my mother said-”

“Your mother said that you would understand one day, and you still haven’t understood. Now I’m dead, and my family will never be the same again.”

This confused Hazel. “How do you know what my mother meant?”

“Hazel, I’m a ghost. I can hack into people’s memories.”

“But why did you hack into my mother’s?”

“Because she knows something that you don’t,” Jake suddenly disappeared, but before Hazel could move an inch, he was behind her. She felt the cold grip of his hands again, and the feeling of her air being cut off.

“Jake,” Hazel gasped once again, “you’re not doing this just because you want revenge.”

“You’re right,” Jake laughed.

“Then why?” Hazel choked, seconds from passing out.

“This is all on your mother’s behalf.”

Before she had time to wonder what he meant, Hazel’s vision went black, and everything went dark.


The End

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