Page Fourteen

There was no one to go to; no one to confide in. Hazel was all by herself, but couldn’t fight this battle alone. Jake had tried to strangle her last night, but why? For the short amount of time that she had known him, she knew that it wasn’t just for revenge. There was something else that was pressuring him, something else that wanted her dead.

Putting a hand on her neck, she could still feel his cold hands wrapping tightly around it, trying to suffocate her. Hazel shivered. Should she just give in to him, and allow him to get what he wants? Somewhere in her mind, she felt that that would be better for everyone, considering that she had murdered an innocent person. But another part of her mind said that she was to grow up and do something great one day, something that would save lives.

What was death like? If she allowed Jake to kill her the same as she had killed him, would she haunt the Earth until it existed no more? Or would she just simply become nonexistent, and be wiped out of actuality?

Would she be willing to take the chance and find out? Would it really be worth it?

The End

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