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Fresh out of the shower, she got dressed and brushed her hair, trying in vain to forget what had happened the night before. By the time she was completely done, it was 3:30. Before Hazel had time to pick up her phone to text her friends, she heard a knock at the front door. Making sure her sweatpants and hoodie were straight and “normal looking,” she went opened the door.

“Hey, Hazel! Where you been?” Sofia and Jackie stood on her front porch, looking prim.

“Yeah, I was pretty tired this morning; sorry if I sounded really out of it,” Hazel replied, continuing, “are we going somewhere today? You two look all spiffied up. What’s the special occasion?”

“Well,” Jackie spoke, “we were hoping that Jake could come with us to do whatever…”

“Correction, you were hoping that Jake could come with us.” The two laughed, while Hazel stiffened. She had to create some kind of excuse why Jake couldn’t come.

“Yeah, I wish he could come with us. But he texted me this morning and told me that he wouldn’t be available all weekend, since his parents keep him so busy.”

“Oh, that’s a shame,” Jackie’s face fell.

“Oh, please. Are we not good enough for you or something?” Hazel tried to joke. All three of them laughed.

“So, how about we go to the park? I’m sure it’s open.” Sofia suggested.

“That sounds good. Let me get some jeans on, and then we can leave.” Hazel went back inside, slipped some jeans on, and went out with her friends for the remainder of the day.


The End

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