Page Eleven

But what if she had gotten her mother all wrong? What if there was some other way to force him to keep her secret, and Jake didn’t have to die at all? Once again Hazel’s right rib cage was set on fire. She got out of bed and clumsily opened her bedroom door, stumbling into the kitchen and grabbing her side. An empty bottle was sitting on the counter, with a note attached to it from her mom:

Here is the recipe to make Youlsi. Try not to spill it again; it is not cheap!

Just then did Hazel remember the night before, and how she dropped the bottle and ran into her room. You can’t leave evidence of something unusual, Hazel thought, you have to act as innocent and normal as possible. She snorted to herself. Normal. What did she know about normal? What did any mutation know about normal? Shaking her head, Hazel followed the recipe that her mother had left, adding water to the mix of chemicals. Her side still ached, but the freshly made Youlsi helped immensely.

Putting the cap back on the water bottle, Hazel placed it in the fridge and went back into her room. So what now? Just go about your day like normal? What else could she do? Carefully, Hazel made her bed and fixed up her room, making everything look as if life were perfect. She decided to take a quick shower before calling her friends. They would have even more questions if she didn’t want to hang out with them today, and that was the last thing that Hazel needed.


The End

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