Page Eight

Hazel figured that the best way to to carry Jake’s cadaver was not to drag it, but to carry it bridal style. She had to walk painfully slow, for his body was over 150 pounds. It took a good ten minutes to get just to the edge of the woods.

From there on out was just a blur for Hazel. She remembers throwing his body into a large, rocky trench, and cover it up with rocks and the biggest boulders she could push. Once she was satisfied with his covered cadaver, Hazel ran back home, seeing that dawn was creeping over the horizon. It was already 6:10 when she finally got the carpet cleaner and tried in vain to get the blood stains out of her carpet. She went through three washcloths, scrubbing the floor until there was only a brown stain left. With her mother’s hawk eye, Hazel knew that she would notice it and shoot a million miles of questions at her.

“I’ll just move my bed then,” she murmured to herself, grunting with the effort of moving her queen sized bed.

It was exactly 6:30 by the time the claret blood was washed from her hands and down the drain. Swiftly closing her door and changing into actual sleeping clothes, she turned off the light and climbed into bed, pretending to sleep.

The End

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