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But what if he wouldn’t have told anyone? What if you just killed your future husband? What will his family do? What about his little sister? What will happen to you? Hazel’s mind was racing faster than she could keep up, questions coming faster than the answers. The more questions that came, the deeper the feeling of regret sunk in. She held her head in her hands, pushing the hair away from her face. Pain stabbed at her bottom rib, causing her to scream out in pain. She dropped to the ground, gripping her side and collapsing. Giving into the pain, Hazel’s vision faded.


When she woke up, the pain in her side was gone. Hazel glanced down, choking back another scream. Her bottom rib was a raging red, yet the others were still a neon blue. She glanced at her clock: 5:30 a.m. She had exactly one hour to get Jake’s body out of the house, hide it somewhere, and get the blood off of her carpet and off her hands before her mom woke up for work. How on Earth am I going to hide a body? Hazel thought, a sick feeling in her stomach. Better get started, then. How her mom slept soundly through Hazel’s screams she did not know.

Pushing that to the back of her mind, she carefully lifted Jake’s body, trying not to retch at the thought of what she was doing. He was heavier than he looked, due to all of his lean muscles. Hazel was fairly strong as well, but this proved to be a challenge. She lifted his body through the window, trying not to drop it too harshly. This is so wrong, this is so wrong, her mind kept repeating. Just then did she realize that she only had a sports bra and shorts on. Quickly pulling on a t-shirt, Hazel climbed out of the window, landing beside Jake’s crumpled body. It was still dark, but not for long.


The End

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