Page Five

Jake was sneaking out of his house to pay Hazel a visit. Where was he? For all she knew, he could be right outside her house by now. Her glowing rib cage suddenly felt on fire, another thing that happens when she gets really frightened. Running into the kitchen, she got the water that contained Youlsi, the drug her parents invented to help soothe her blazing side.

Before she had time to take a drink, she heard a soft thump that came from her bedroom. Without thinking, Hazel dropped her Youlsi and ran into her room.

There, standing in front of her wide open window, stood Jake.

“What are you doing here?” Hazel asked in a shaking voice, forgetting about the fire in her side.

His eyes widened until they were as full as the moon, and his jaw dropped. “Is that part of your costume?”

Hazel thought of pretending that her exposed, glowing blue rib cage was all just fake, but she knew that Jake would brag about his girlfriend’s real-to-life costume. Her mind was going a million miles a minute. Without realizing it, Jake had moved closer to her. He slowly reached out and touched Hazel’s side, disbelief spreading across his face. Hazel flinched, his cold hand running across her exposed ribs.

“It’s not just a costume,” he murmured as Hazel backed away from him. He’s seen it, Hazel thought with dread, he’s seen my mutation. I have to kill him. My own boyfriend. But how? She knew that there was no escaping the truth, no way possible out of this without him having to die. Her stomach flipped over, tying itself into knots of worry.

The End

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