Page Four

Hazel brought herself back to the present. She did understand now. No one could be trusted to keep her secret, but if someone did see it, the only way to keep the secret was to silence them forever. And the only way to do that was to kill them. Yes, Hazel understood that perfectly well. But she would be the one that would have to kill the unlucky soul that saw her mutation. I would become a murderer, she thought, continuing to gaze at her glowing blue ribs. The skin around it was rugged and torn, as if someone had peeled the skin away while she was still inside her mother’s stomach. They didn’t hurt as bad now, for it seemed that if they were covered up too long, they would suffocate, causing the extreme pain that Hazel experiences.

Her phone vibrated again, reminding her of the earlier text she got. Tearing her eyes from her right rib cage, she turned to pick up her phone from her bed. The text was from Jake, and what the two texts read made her heart jump up to her mouth.

Hey, Hazel. I’m planning to sneak out tonight and come over. Is everything quiet there?

The next text was sent seven minutes later.

I hope everything’s quiet at your house, because it’s now or never.


The End

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