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“Hey guys. Do you think Jake could come over tonight, or will his parents keep him too late to visit?” Hazel asked with with a little bit of sadness in her voice.

“Whether they keep him till midnight or not, he’ll probably sneak out just to see you,” Jackie said with obvious longing in her tone.

Sofie gave an annoyed sigh. “Jackie, we all know that you’re a hopeless romantic. Just remember that you’re not the only one.” She finished with a teasing smile and a nudge.

“It’s not easy being the only taken one here.” Hazel’s grin grew wider at the thought of Jake.

“Well, why don’t you text him and tell him to get his sexy butt over here so that we can be completed?” Jackie barely finished her sentence before the girls burst out laughing. “What? Haven’t you seen it?”

Hazel was the first to compose herself. “I was unaware that you were checking out my boyfriend’s butt.” Jackie just gave an innocent shrug, holding back an embarrassed smile.

“Sofia, are you done trick-or-treating? Come inside.” Sofia’s dad called from her house, beckoning for her to come inside.

“Well guys, I’ll see you later, then. Come over some time, ‘kay?” Sofia began walking towards her big house, her dad still standing outside the doorway.

“Sure thing, Sof.” Hazel and Jackie called back.

An extended silence hung between the two.

“Heh, it’s funny how one goes away, and now we’re totally incomplete,” Hazel pointed out, hinting that she would probably go home soon, as well.

Jackie’s phone vibrated. “Well, that’s my mom. She’s way too protective; she got worried about me again because I’m out past my curfew. I guess I’ll go then, before she starts flipping out on me.” Jackie finished, walking with Hazel until she got to her house a few blocks down.

“See you, then.” Hazel said good-bye, walking back to her average-sized house.

The End

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