Haunted Questions

This is written for a spooky story contest that is going on in my area. Hopefully you enjoy it!

“Look at him, isn’t he cute?” Hazel asked as her friends stared wide-eyed at her phone.

“Cute?” Sofia spoke, “Hazel, you’re boyfriend’s hot.” All three of the girls giggled, including Jackie, who couldn’t help but laughing the hardest. All three of the girls knew that the blonde, skinny 16-year-old didn’t stand a chance with Hazel’s boyfriend, who had lean muscles, dark, smooth hair, and amazingly blue eyes.

“Okay, ladies, let’s get back to business.” Sofia took charge, like she always did, beginning to walk to the next house. The three had been trick-or-treating that Halloween night, but sadly, Jake, Hazel’s boyfriend, couldn’t make it with them; he had to skip trick-or-treating and celebrate with his family instead.

“Aren’t you a little old for trick-or-treating?” Jake’s parents had asked. Without waiting for an answer, they continued. “I think you are. No, you’re going to stay home and celebrate with your little sister.” Jake had known that it was no use arguing with his parents, even though he was sixteen and thought that hanging out with his girlfriend and her friends would be a lot more interesting and fun rather than spending time with his ten-year-old sister.

The three girls had been witches this Halloween, but not the stereotypical types. All three of their costumes were simply a short dress with high boots and a pointed hat. The only differences between their costumes would be that Hazel’s was striped with purple streaks, Sofia’s was streaked with green, and Jackie’s was striped with orange.

The girls were nearly done with their trick-or-treating, for they were almost back to their own houses. They were all neighbors, and did everything together.

“I think that was the last house.” Jackie said after visiting the one neighbor that they actually liked. The older, retired widow always gave out the best treats on Halloween.


The End

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