Haunted Mansion

You are walking home from school when you see a tall, spooky looking mansion. Do you explore...?

You are walking home from school when you spot a big scary looking mansion. The front wall is knee high and missing bricks in several places. The front garden looks like no one has cared about it in centuries. The grass sways in the breeze, reaching past your waist to tickle your stomach. The whole place is swamped in weeds. You see a flicker of movement from the corner of your eye and shudder; a snake? Or a rat? You shudder again. The tall walls that enclose the overgrown garden from the rest of the world are over grown with ivy, not a single brick to be seen through the thick green curtain. The house it's self is tall and dark, with smashed and boarded up windows. You see a strange flicker in the attic window from the corner of your vision but when you look back the window is once more dark and lifeless...

Do you:

A) Go in (1)


The End

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