Haunted House

In a land of spooks and horrors stands a steep hill and upon that hill stands an enormous House known as the HAUNTED HOUSE.A few months ago the keeper of the haunted house put up a sign reading "Stay in this haunted house for  a whole night without leaving and 1 million pounds heads your way"So travellers from near and far tried and even a few celebrities  attempted the challenge but all failed.Then out of the blue came a tall brave man Alex was his name after Alexander The Great.He was so confident of himself he told stories to the villigars about his adventures whether they were true or not no one knows but they seemed to enjoy listening to the tales.

After a few hours he entered the haunted house his head up high.He put on a blazing fire in the fire place.The flames danced about the colour brightening his eyes. When he turned around though he saw he flames had completley blown away. He decided not to care ts probably just the wind. He was getting tired so he started marching up the stairs.

All seemed quite when he settled down but 2hrs later something moved the pillow.When Alex realizd this he moved away from it.Then a small furry little mouse popped out Alex screamed and th whole house hook he jumped up and started crying like a baby. He ran frantically to the door and ran all th way home. Not so brave now is he?

The End

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