Ode to the OblivionMature

      I wake in the Nothing once more; wash up on the shores of black that for once is not dark. I stoop down to investigate the ground, and my hand finds emptiness. I snatch it back, the unexpected instilling disbelief within me.

“Hello, Leanord.” This voice sounds familiar to me as the terror which awaits me in consciousness. “I see you have found Oblivion once again.” I focus on each word, trying to decipher whose voice this must be. My eyes search for others in the dark, and a single light flicks on above me, and I jump back at the image in front of me. It is a young boy, around ten or twelve, standing nose to nose with me on a sort of platform. “What?” He looks down at himself. I follow his motions with my gaze as my jaw hangs slack.

     I’m looking at me, who is not me. Just like all of the Stephanie eyes. The boy who stands in front of me is taller than I was at his age. His face is a little rounder, his form a little more filled. His eyes are a startling shade of green jade, as opposed to my dark blue-green. And although he only looks twelve, his eyes are filled with knowledge. His nose is a little slimmer, and his lips are a little fuller. He cocks his head and studies me back.

    “Who are you?”

“I’m Jonathan.” He smiles as he says it, and it’s a friendly smile. He sticks his childish hand out to me, and I grasp it. It feels warm, almost hot, to my feverish cold. It feels… alive. “Nice to finally meet you Leanord. Welcome back to Limbo.” Millions of lights flicker on in the black that surrounds us. Millions of versions of me smile at Jonathan and I. “Hello, Leanord.” They all say it synchronized to the very syllable. “Welcome back to Limbo.”

The End

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