Annoying AdolescentMature

 I find myself in a dimensionless oblivion, in a nothingness greater than the nothingness of The Hub. I like it here. No one is picking my mind; no thoughts from the past try to Haunt me. Peace resonates throughout my body, and relaxation massages the muscles that I had not even noticed were tense. It lasts for about ten seconds before I am swallowed back up into reality.   “Hello?!

 The voice calls to me; it sounds familiar..

There you are! Jesus, I’ve been trying to reach you for hours! It’s Hope, dumbass.”

Of course it was. I couldn’t even recognize her without the screaming. Something still tickled the edges of a memory in my mind, though. Something that I felt I should not address.

 “I’m sorry about yesterday, Leanord. I was a little mad.”

 A little? I guess it was only a little, compared to the rampage I had been on. Hope grabbed onto the thought and traveled through it, like following a strand of yarn through a maze.

 “God-damn! You're as fucking phsycho as I am!

Not phsycho, I thought. Just Corrupted.

 “Yeahyeah. Same thing. Anyways, so I thought I could come back and talk like, well as my mother says, ‘like adults’.  So I guess instead of just screaming at you, I should just ask you my questions so you can give me some answers?”

 My head throbbed.

 “What? What did I say?”

Nothing. Just go ahead. I’ll give you what information I have. I was exhausted after my encounter with what I guess one would define as Limbo.

 “Mhm, sure. Soooo… We both know that you were the one who decided to scare the crap out of me when I was in the bathroom getting ready, right?


Can you just tell me why? I get bothered by you, by Persephone, Victoria, Jessamine, Stephanie—“


 “I get bothered by all of these spirits and—“

Did you say Stephanie?

Yeah… Why, do you like know her or something?”

 I unbottle my memories of Stephanie and allow her to follow them, too.

       “Yeah, that’s the one! You were engaged?

 Only annoyance bites at me now; the violent volcano of emotions had spent itself on beating the Nether soul.

 “Hey, dude. Watch it. I’m just trying to get some answers. So all of these souls are Haunting me, ok? Why?”

I don’t know.

Well, why did you?”

 Because. I had to. She makes a snorting sound.

Ok, whatever, dude. So then why did you get so freaked out when you saw me? It’s like you were looking at an alien! Have you not seen another human being since you died or something?”

 I don’t want to talk about this. I don’t want to talk, period.

But I still have more questions!”

 Go ask Persephone.

     Silence replies. That must’ve pissed her off enough to leave me the hell alone. Good.Because I cannot stand for one more person to rifle through my thoughts, cannot stand to be poked and prodded, tormented and tantalized, used until I have nothing to give anymore. I am drained.

The End

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