Desperately DementedMature


      My jaw clenches and my fingers curl inward, turning into talons that are white at the knuckles. Stephanie and The One and Hope and humanity all swirl around in my head. How dare they all?! The shots of war start going off again in my brain, which gives me a migraine. The dynamite of fury keeps exploding, and it’s not helping my headache. The screams of the Nether soul ring in my ears with the tinkling of Stephanie’s mocking laughter.

     I close my eyes to focus my thoughts on something quiet and instead see the words from The One’s story etched there so I rub them and they start to glow under the friction. The night sky appears behind the words, spinning like a pottery wheel, and I see grotesque Christmas trees, made of body parts.

     The pain starts in my back and strangles my lungs and I can’t breathe, so I try to take another breath but its only stoking the fire of rage that’s suffocating my further, making the edges of my vision go even more dim. I close my eyes again, and some sort of switch toggles within me. Everything that threatens me disappears, and it is only the anger and fury.

The End

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