Warring WithinMature

    I toed the line between The Hub and Nether, not quite able to force my foot inside to know the pain, the sweltering heat. I am searching for a way to touch the burning that I am already feeling inside. Trying to know the agony physically as my mind is alight, though it is not blazing in flame. The words that The One had told me had scorched themselves onto the backs of my eyelids. Every sentence coursed through my veins like molten lava, the heat licking at my heart.

     How was I supposed to murder a child’s soul? What had Hope done wrong, other than be split from the blood of God’s own kin? How could one whose ignorance that was a Benediction of its own sort be held responsible for the lives (or deaths) of so many? And why was it now my responsibility, too? "Because", a voice whispered to me, "you are the Devil’s own soul". But it was not The One who taunted me with such truth. It was only Corruption, wheedling its way into the seeds of my thoughts.

     No, the electricity that constantly invaded my mind had abandoned me, for now. I had told The One to leave me be, so that I could digest this information in peace. Sadly, peace was evading me. War instead took hold of my brain. Two enemies shot at each other, the bullets ricocheting off of my skull and penetrating the soft tissue that it was supposed to have been protecting. One side fought for justice. The other side fought for it as well. Hope vs. Hell. And I was playing God at deciding the victor.  

     The shots going off in my thinker were giving me a headache. I started to groan. My own demons were beginning to make my judgment falter. It was enough to make my body a Nether of its own. 


The End

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