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     "Have you ever heard of the deity who's name was God, Leanord?"

     "Yes, Ruler, He is the entity I prayed to as a human. The Creator."

     "That He was indeed. He is The creator of human souls. The Creator of the Earth, and life. He is also a coward."

     "But He is above that," I answered, "He knows all--"

     "And That!" He cut me off, "Is a lie! No entity, not even The Creator, knows all. There was a time of peace for souls when He first created them. It was heaven on Earth, peace in the physical world. But no matter how much power He had over souls, He could not eliminate darkness. And everything that has a soul has the ability to be corrupted by it. And so it is that war enveloped the human world. The road to Hell was paved with good intent, Leanord. But things that are good only await corruption."

     "I don't get it. How does that make him a coward?"

     "Let me finish. The Creator attempted once again to make the perfect living element. He called these new creatures His children, The Ones. The Ones who would make the world at peace again. They were made with the blood of humans and the ichor that ran through His almighty veins. These creatures were named by the humans as necromancers, Leanord. And in the process of making them, He made His final creation. He created His undoing."

     The One paused. "He is a coward because of that fact. He left His children to fend for the world, Leanord. Left them, us, ME to fight against evil! Our souls warred against corruption, and many did not win."

     "What about you?" I ask. "What about The Ones who lost?"

     "The Ones who were corrupt?" I nod. "Ah," he states, "Those are the souls who's permanent residence is Nether. It was not always so evil, that place. But those souls who are locked inside made it so. As for me, I and One other survived. We split our veins, and separated the two ingredients. Ichor and human blood. But blood and ichor are not like water and oil. The soul resides in the human, but we could not completely drain the ichor of it. And so our souls were split.

     "Persephone..." He seems to always trail off when He says Her name. "Persephone had ruled this world with me; she is what humans would call my wife, my Queen But she clung too tightly to her humanity, who you know as Hope. And while I am tied to Death, She has tied Herself to Life. She did this so that her humanity may live forever, but their bodies are not immortal, human corpses age and degrade. So when Hope dies, her soul will possess another, and so it is that I cannot collect her the usual way," He explained. "I did not have the determination to end my wife, my Love, before this. I have locked her where the corrupted lie. But if She were to come to power, my rule would end. She would bring back every soul in Hell, and the world itself would end as we know it."

     "I understand." I tell Him.

     "Yes, you do. You have the capacity to." A question was beginning to take place in my head, and The One began the answer before it could finish. "You have not yet pondered why I chose you in the first place." He says, in quiet disbelief. "Why I can read your thoughts, and speak into your mind. Have you not wondered why it is that you know what I have the will to do?"

     NO. The single thought is the most powerful I have ever conjured as I await His obvious answer. It is obvious because...

     "While Hope is Persephone's humanity, you, Leanord, are mine."


The End

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