Sorrowfully SummonedMature


     "You are fond of me, Master. You and I both know that you do not share things with any soul that happens by. I am different, special. I challenge you, and you like it." Anger turns to remorse in Him, and it makes me hate The One. For so long He was strong and unbending in His ways of dark detachment. What has changed Him so much, in such a short period of time? Then it hits me. The girl; Hope, whom he called Persephone. He truly loved her.

     "Yes, Leanord." He sighs,"I am fond of you. I had hoped that maybe you were to foolish to see that. Very well." He proceeds, "What it is it that you want?" And just like that, I have won my soul back.  

     "I want to know why." I demand of Him. "How do you know her? Why do you want to kill her? Why, after all this time, after learning of her existence, why do you seem so... human?"

           "Leanord." He started, "Do not ask this of me. There is knowledge in this world, as you know. But it is not easily held. This knowledge you ask of me, it is a burden to carry." But He knows, within my thoughts, that I have a need for it. "Very well." He sighs. "Let me tell you a story, Leanord. The story of my nightmares."

The End

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