What do normal teenagers think of.




Im not sure, I dont think i exactly belong to the normal category anyway.

Suddenly I felt a tug on my shirt, It was Julian.

He said," Charlie.....what are ya thinkin about?"

"Oh......umm haha nothing just big kid stuff ya know?"

He left it that, sometimes I think Julian knows when to stop, he knows when I want to talk and when I dont. Hes one amazing kid, and I want to be able to give him the world.

So..I work 2 jobs.

I would work more but no one would be there for Julian.

My lovely paying jobs are at Shop'til'ya drop, a clothing discount store..Kinda like our Wal-mart, but cheaper.

And our town's movie theatres.

I just hope I can do good enough for the both of us. Im not trying to do this to be some saint, or hope I'l do enough good to get an answer from anyone. I do it for Julian.

The End

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