A change of pace

I walked away, feeling weird. But I think it was a good weird. Better than I've felt in a long time. 

I noticed I was...smiling. Yes, moving my lips in an upward direction...by will.

I dont know where this is going to take me. Nowhere. so why think about it to much?

I got Julian to take care of, school, job, and him..no time for this stuff.

Whats the point?

What about being happy

If Im happy, something will go wrong

Or if your happy...your happy

No, letting myself feel ...this is wrong, I'll just get dissapointed again. I mean, Im just...Charlie. The girl who stays quite, the sad little girl who no one wants to get involved with.

Why the hell am I thinking about this so much if I choose not to care?

I wish I could just turn it off, turn all my thoughts of, mostly my raging hormones?

The End

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