Mesmerized on the other side too

Oh god,she was beautiful, a little worried and sad, but as soon as her hood fell off and her brown hair cascaded out, he couldn’t stop looking at her. It was just something about her that kept him standing there.


I guess its time for me to stand up now..


Whats her name?


“Um..Im..Tristan..and you are?” I said.


“My names Charlie” She said. I noticed the way her lips moved, she smiled at me and there was this dimple on her right cheek.


“Oh, nice to meet you Charlie.” Somehow this name was perfect for her. I held my hand out to shake and as she pulled her hand up, her sleeve pushed back down revealing something blue and purple. As she caught me looking, she flinched her hand back and just stood there awkwardly..



Then this little boy cut in and went straight to Charlie.


“Charlieeeeee…my fingers are sticky…” He said, he looked a little like Charlie.


“Oh, here, lets go wash your hands okay?” She said.


“Is that your brother?” I asked her.


“Yeah, this is Julian..Julian this is Tristan.” She said softly


“Oh..okay..well can we go wash now?” He said impatiently.


“um..sorry..I just got’ll see you around?” She said.


What do I say? She said see you around later..what can  do..


Hey wait! I have a brother!


I knew he was good for something.


“Hey Julian?” I said.


“Yeah?” He said exasperately.


“Um.I have a younger brother around your age if you want to meet him.”


“Oh..thats okay..its no-“ Charlie started, but Julian cut her off.


“yes! Please can I meet him!” Then he turned to Charlie and gave her a puppy dog face and begged her.


“Um..Ok..fine.” She caved in..yes!


The End

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