Light shines through

Then a whole bunch of teenagers came in making a huge commotion. It was a group of rich kids.


I continued eating the sundae with Julian and after he finished went to get him a bunch of napkins.


I went to the counter where the whole group of teenagers were, I asked for napkins and as one of the guys was turning around, he bumped into me and spilled his drink on me.


I shrank back and my hood fell off.  The guy stared at me for a moment , I grabbed the napkins and bent down to clean the mess up. He seemed to depart from his shock and bent down to help me. “Im sorry…Are you okay?” He said. His voice was like..soft..and inviting.


He had dark brown hair covering part of his eyes and was wearing all Pacsun clothing. Black skinney jeans and a blue and black hoodie with hightops.


“Oh no, it’s fine” I said, mesmerized by his eyes. They were like  a milky blueish.


We both stood up.


Now..its different POV

The End

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