Hating this game..

an abusive relationship between father and his kids...

"Sshhhh" I whispered softly to him, "It'll all be over soon..I promise.."

He hides his face in my arms and his curly hair brushes agains my face.

I try to hold back tears as I clutch him closer. They're isn't much room in here. We're in my closet, it's dark except the streaks of light coming through the blinds of the closet doors.

My heart beat accelerates, I hear the sounds of screaming, things being thrown around..and the sound of a deep voice..

a sadly familar voice.

I covered Julian's ears. He didnt need or deserve to hear this.

I hear Julian whimper in my arms and feel the scared tears running down and soaking my shirt. But I dont care...I dont care about anything else but keeping him safe. Not even me.

We dread this everyday, and I keep asking myself, is it worth it to live in fear? Is it worth taking a chance and stop remaining silenced.

The only thing keeping me here is Julian.

"Charlize..." Julian said in a hushed voice. He almost never called me that..it was always 'Charlie, charles, char.etc.."

I took a hold ofhis hand and held it, he had someone..and I couldnt' let anything hapen to him. I swear if that man touched one hair on Julian, I'd go mad.

"Yeah honey?" I said whispering into his hand.

"I dont like this game anymore.." He said solemnly.

"Me neither.." I said stroking the bruises on my arm.

The End

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