Neverland Never Looked BetterMature

   The slight twitch of my hand tells me that I'm still alive, though the rest of me feels heavy like lead. I don't remember much after being attacked, except for the memories that I desperately tried to lock away from my past. Muffled voices gently color the darkness as they arouse my eyes to open. Blurry at first, shapes of wooden dressers with rotten wood, broken glass lamps that flickered on in a boarded pale white room. That causes my head throb, as each blink brings me back to the world. The muffled voices become louder.

  "Why the hell did I let you talk me into this?" a man's voice echoed before cutting through like a sharp knife. "Who's to say he isn't one of them huh, then all we did was let this fucking monster into our hideout to devour us whole!" suddenly his voice become clear as I felt a great rush past me. A man possibly in his late 40s stomped past me, he was rather large in size though round around the belly. He had shaggy auburn hair that was balding slightly upon the top of his head.  He crossed the room and opened the room that sat just to the far left of the room. Disappearing into the other room, I arrise slightly only to find that my wrist was handcuffed to the bed frame, bandaged 

The End

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