Life as it is...Mature

It is now the year 2030, people seemed to become unpredictable monsters of hopelessness and faithlessness they now preyed upon their own kind. Those of the weak, the old, and the young. As I walk among these streets where science and discovery once made one’s mind logical and creative used to be a country of promise, of youthfulness, and a country of hope and destiny. But now it seems like a lost desolate land of nuclear despair and death. It seems I am the only one who is not affected by the fumes of rotting infected bodies that have now been burned along the side of the roads where cars and children once played.

The sky now has become covered with grey and green clouds of destruction, and when it rains acid and hail comes upon this earth, ravaging the life of this dying planet. As I walk to my apartment building where people once lived and teemed with life and happiness. I began to notice that happiness is not exactly what most would consider the comparable emotion of freedom and great vulnerability. Happiness is a moment of release of another emotion but the life of freedom and peace that joy provides to a person. The people of this land once thought that the future could be adverted that it could be changed, but fate can fool you. You might think that by adverting the death of one you advert, his life on ever ending is true, but it’s wrong. You only caused another to take his place or the death of one of his to become more fatal than before…

A whisper interrupts my thoughts; I turn around quickly as I see a dark shadow run across my vision. I have not recognized how dark it has gotten, the clouds now beamed with a dark purple upon this earth. The like usual rings off, as the normal acid rain that comes perdiocally at 3, rains down upon this earth. Another whisper crawls into my ear and the dark shadows crawls through my vision once again. Of course my human instincts kick in like usual, my eyes dilate, my heart beats, my blood floods into my veins my system as my breaths become deeper yet faster. I begin to enhance my senses, my sense of smell, sight, hearing, touch and even taste. 

Fear is now sent out from my brain to the rest of my body, activating my fight or flight response. As my muscles gear up to release power and energy well beyond the normal human limit, old instincts of the past are now reawakening. Some like the feel Adeline rushes that comes from fear, the rush of sugar that explodes inside of them, when they fight. Others fear it, because in order to activate it they must be put into danger or even face death, which some are afraid to.

I turn around slowly, looking towards the darkness where my eyes try to adjust to the non-seeable. As I look onward into the darkness, I feel myself being swallowed by it. The cold touch that slightly goes across my skin, my breath becomes slow, as I breathe out, makes a cloud of water vapor in the air. Goosebumps travel up my arm, causing every hair to rise. But for some reason, every person when put into fear. They know exactly where it is unconsciously. If they are not looking at it, they walk towards it. In some cases it is like a desire, we yearn to know what it is and yet we fear it. Fear is always attracted to us, and we always come to fear.

My eyes look into the darkness at the very thing my mind fears. The smell that I long to forgot travels back into my head. It’s the smell of sickness, death and innocence. The innocent blood that they killed to survive is carved into their bones. As I hear the screams of these creatures, I cover my ears. Very much like dog whistles dogs, I succumbed to their painful screeches. My mind began to inflate in my head. My vision began to create doubles and the corner of my eyes begins to bleed. I begin to scream from the pain, but nothing comes out over the scream of death. As I look up, I come face to face with the monster.

His jaws has now became out of proportion, because of some other accident. His teeth now grow outward and even inward. Where there are pockets in the skin where the teeth first entered repeatedly dry blood covered and surrounded the hole and his teeth. His breath stunk of millions of rotting infested bodies; his skin now was beginning to rot away on the surface. And when I looked down, I discovered that this creature was a woman. Her disgusting rotting figure was so low to the ground; it had become harder to tell the difference between genders. But worse of all, was their eyes, their pitch black eyes. That seemed to swallow you up, that when in the dark switches colors to a crimson red. Their eyes that drew in innocent children into the dark where only their screams muffled by the monsters escape.

The monster screams again, as it smacks me as I flew I began to think of escaping. My body felt like a rag doll, like a paper in the wind as I began to hear my bones breaking from its very strength throwing me through the air. My head hits a something hard, my last thought comes to mind as I feel the rest of my bones cracking as it smashed into the wall, each vertebra in my back, felt like a track on a tank each feeling the surface it came in contact with, before the force of the wall finally made my body stop. Everything goes black temporarily as my face hits the ground, I’m probably dying was the last thing I thought before hitting the ground…

The End

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