What would you do if you could live forever, for Granger that is all he has and considers it miserable. Travel through the life of Granger as he seeks what life is really all about and his possible escape from eternity.

This wretched life of mine is somehow redundantly eternally senseless, by now I have probably forgotten my parent's names as well as y own birth name.I have seen people come and go within a blink of an eye, I have seen sides of people that only time reveals as one ages, and when life situations are able to shape one's character. It seems my life has no regard for mental sympathy or emotional conduct, like the infinite numbers that can be counted, the numbers of mental breakdowns I have had can never be counted on ten thousand peoples hands. 

I have seen fashions come and go and heroes tales from beginning to end, I have also seen the cycle of history repeat itself and the ideas of past generations become recycled for future generations to come. Regular human life to me is seen as a blessing from a merciful God, that has decided to limit the abilities and animated life span for ones being. For most the idea of death is seen as an evil and destructive killer, who seeks to destroy and hunt down, every living thing that yearns for life and longevity on earth. But for others death is something that can be seen as savior, setting us free from our temporary usage of a body.
Time like the infinite space outside our planet, is boundless and impossible to grab with your mind. Like the cycle of oxygen to carbon dioxide or the cycle of the seasons of the earth. Time is bigger than the amount of grain of sand on a beach, the many particles in the air and the creation and death of things upon this earth. Time can not be measured for it has no real beginning or end. For it in all reality does not exactly exist, well not the way we think it does. But if it ain't numbers then what is time....?

" For those who possess it, it is a curse for those who want it, it is a blessing"

My name well I can't remember, for most of my my life I have always tended to lie about my name.
I usually just use the name Granger for the most part, my age well I have forgotten that a long time ago.
When I first received this blessed curse.....

My curse and blessing, I have the ability to live for eternity and never die well not like normal people that is, I guess........

The End

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