I do hope she's OK. Shes always hated blood tests. Have I given to much away? Should I of called her beautiful, twice! Hopefully she thought it was just to cheer her up. Hopefully. She needs to know how I feel, soon, or I shall just blurt it!! GOSH this is so complicated. Wish it was like how it used to be. When I only liked her as a friend, but I just cant help myself! She's just amazing. Today in registration im just going to have to tell her how I feel! Or shall I do it more classy? Show up too her door, with roses (her favourite) and tell her like that?

'Morning you :)' I text her 'Sleep well?xxx'

'Yes, I slept very well, can I ask you something?xxx'

I flush with 3 emotions; embarrasment, queery, and confusion. 'yes, of course you can, why, what is it?xxx' she takes a few minuets to reply but whe  she does, I blush with embarrasment, the text read 'why did you call me beautiful 2 times last night?xxx' I sat wondering what to say, in the end, I decided to suprise her and school and tell why then.


Well I just made a complete and utter fool of myself. It started off fine. I sat her down, pulled out the roses and told her, very loudly, that I was in love with her. She stopped twiddling her thumbs, then stopped and looked at me. Shocked that it came out of my mouth.

'Danny, I really dont think you are, I mean, look at me! You must just be confused with your emotions, im really not what you want!'

By this point, our whole entire form was plugged into the conversation.

'You are what I want Rosalie, always have been, and always will be.'

The End

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