Today wasnt the best of all days. Ive been getting more and more ill these days. I used to get the old cold every so often, but latley ive been getting really bad fevers and getting dizzy all the time. Danny always come round though which makes me feel better. Today he just couldnt come round I was so ill.  I was being sick everytime I moved and I was so ill i almost had to go to the hospitlal. At 2 in the afternoon, I had to go get my annual blood test and my mum booked me into two blod tests, even though she knows I hate them. The first one was for my asthma and the second one was to determine what was making me feel dizzy. I texted Danny before i went in the hospital, and he replied 'its okay, stay strong beautiful xxx' I had to take a second glance when it said beautiful, but when I knew it was on the text, my cheeks flushed red to match my hair.


When I came out of the hospital, still smiling,I recived a text saying 'Everything go okay xxx?' I replied 'yeh, your earlier text made me smile, i'll get the results in a weeks, call you in a bit xxx'  "Who you texting now?" Mum questioned.

"Danny, he wanted to make sure I was OK."

"I've always liked Danny, what did he say?"

"oh, just asking if I was OK... and... he called me beautiful..."

My mum stopped in her tracks. She said that she always thought he liked me and started making jokes about her fantasy wedding between Danny and I. I nervously laughed, but inside I could imagien it all happenening. When I got home, I called Danny and told him everything that happened and promised i'll go too his house tomorrow. When we said good night to each other, he called me beautiful yet again! Maybe he does like me. Maybe not. Probably not.

The End

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