One word to describe Rosalie, is beautiful. She is beautiful inside and out! She is everything I could ever need. Infact, she is my everything. We first met as kids, she was 6 weeks and I was only 4 months. I cant remember much, but I can remember falling for those deep green eyes, and knowing I will always love her. We spent every moment together as kids, and we still do now. I have started to get feelings for her since the day she was born and everytime I see her, I get more and more. I dont know if she has feelings for me, but I know one day i'm just going to have to tell her how much I like her! Well, how much I love her. Its a funny thing isnt it? Love. My dad always told me that to love someone, is like not being able to breath without them, or if you were seperated, you'd feel like you were just a meer shadow of yourself. The he laughed and told me that I wouldnt know what true love was until I was much, much older. I was 7 then, im now 16, I now know what love is to me. Its Rosalie.

The End

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