Hate that I love you.

This is a story about two friends ( Danny and Rosalie) who have been inseprable since birth! Now they are both 16 and starting to get feelings for each other. Danny is open about his feelings, but Rosalie is more shy. What Danny doesnt know, is she is keeping the biggest secret, that could change their lives forever...

Rosalie -

When I first met Danny, I was 6 weeks old and he was 4 months. I know you can't physically remember things from that age, but I can promise you I can. We were both babies but still we were the best of friends. Our parents were pretty close so we spent almost every day together! Maybe it was at the playground, in my living room, or at play group, we were always together. When I it was my first day of nursery (he went in 2 months before me), he was sat on a plastic blue chair, waiting for me to arrive. I squealed with joy and ran to be with him. In primary, I got some more friends, but i would always run to him when the bell went for playtime and lunch, and we played and played until our hearts were content. Our school was split into boys and girls so we tried to play with each other as much as possible, otherwise i'd probably cry beacuse I missed him so much. As we got older, we just seemed to know what each other were thinking. Danny kept having girls fling themselves at him, I never liked him in that way, but whenever I saw a girl flirting with him, I could feel my heart sinking. Danny wasnt like that though, he always tried to be as nice as possible, but then come back to me. I had a deap suspicion that he liked me, but I just thought it couldn't be possible, he only liked him as a friend and nothing else! Thats until I turned 16 and everything changed.

The End

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