Experimental collaboration. I designed this story to be 'musically inspired' so pick your fave track or album and let the creativity flow.
For those of you wondering, I was listening to the album by Arctic Monkeys titled AM. It's not much of a beginning but I wanted to see where you guys would take it.
Additions can be as long or as short a you wish.
Happy writing!


Every year around the same time I face the exact same potentially mind-numbing trauma as last year and this has gone on since I started my high school education.

It will probably chase me to my grave.

My name begs to be signed at the bottom of the document and believe me- I want to do it. But what.. What if  I refused to sign it?

Actually, Nevermind. That’s too dangerous to even think about right now.

I look up into his emerald green and blue flecked eyes and see no remorse for us now. I swallow hard and look back down at my bare and muddied feet.

It’s all too real now.

The End

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