Forrest of Sissy

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What this means "scale-tipping"? Chubby4Jim perhaps you friendful person, howevers I wonder maybe if you TUI? Typing Under Influenzas? Does feel hot your forehead? Where is your Jim right now with frozen peas for you?

Please excuse. You confuse is ok. I much disorientate as well. I hot in collar. I trying for understand better my Lisa and why she do this things. She is good person. Person who would give shirt from her backside to most any colorful a**holes.

Prior to make law school she become anthropological woman of wonder. She put shaft to office of Kelvin instead to make travel distant countrysides for study peoples and build clinic and clean water station for poor. This is how she meet me first time. She coming to my village for bring to us brownless waters. She also come to study language of mere eight hundred people in world can speak. I one of this eight hundreds.

To call my homeplace village maybe miseducate to say this. Was more like camp. Not funtime camp with marshmellons and something. Yes we sleep in tent but we forced to this by government. All eight hundred of my peoples live in this camp. Next to camp is forrest, and closest water is tiny river 12 kilometer to Polaris star on opposite of mountain.

Before my eighteen birthday I abandon Mother, Small Brother, and Smaller Sister to learn harvest coals in Capitol. I leave three of family live alone in camp. Must understanding, at bedtime in camp is very black like hand in front of nostil you can't see it, it is darkness soup. There no streetlamp or something like this. No electric. And one side is forrest and one side is mountain. In forrest was people live there who hate us very much. In bedtime they come steal from us foods or sometimes burn our tent or grab our women in dark of morning and make curse on them.

When my brother fourteen and my sister twelveteen there come day mother must make walking time to river for gathering of new waters. Was very far you know. Almost 2 days journey to river and return. So my brother must 2 days take care baby sister. Howevers on first night without mother there come to tent this Forrest Peoples, seven mens. My brother was mere fourteen but very strong you know, but seven mens. They collapse inside of tent and sister screaming in black of night they beat my brother and take him away to edge of forrest. My sister alone and shaking, she hear in distant they make torture on my brother before kill him with branch of wood. So there she shaking shaking, half of tent collasping, and she praying Biggest Brother Yakov come to save her, but I never hear her there. Later than the silence of the screaming of my brother the death party return to find Sissy sitting shocking and all seven mens make rape to her and leave her there for die. But she's not die.

When my mother come to home in twilight of next day she find my sister with all insides on outside, whole floor of tent become blood carpet and Sissy is lye on back "like fly stuck in ointments" my mother sayed, "her arm risen up, still making fist to air."

Of course I leave this Capitol for go to home, help clean blood of Sissy. And to make death on Forrest Peoples. Many mens in camp say perhaps we should burn down forrest. So we plan to this. But my Sissy tell us no. She very quiet always. She very like to stay inside own noodle. I ask her one time "Sissy, why so much time you spend in own noodle and never with us here in air of world?" She say "Biggest Brother Yakov, because in head is beautiful, many voices speaks to me,". I ask "Oh yes? What says to you this voices?" And she sayed "They keeps me companies and give me task to do." I say "Yes? What is some example?" She say "Secret, sorry buddy."

My peoples we like eat this upsidedown rat, you know... this opossums. We capture and imprison them in downtown. Whole camp once hate at Sissy for she enjoy sneak to cage and let release this rats to freedom. I guess head voices tell her do this. After while my peoples begin call her Let Us All Die Starvation Girl. But when the seven mens do what they do to her, she no more Let Us Die Starvation Girl, she become Girl For Whoms We Must Burn Down Forrest.

Girl For Whoms We Must Burn Down Forrest soon come very sick to infection. First the arms of her become rotten like husk of tree. Later her hair come dry and tangled like this roots. And when she cry from pain, tears squeeze from eyehole many tiny seeds. My mother say that rapists thrusts make curse to her, and she all day each day laying in arms of mother, while mother stroking her with wet cloth saying "Oh they make my baby something from Devil's place! They transform my baby!" And we all make puzzle face. And Sissy say "Mommy, let not them burn down forrest, for when I's die you must plant me there." And everyone confuse.

She is die of fever, body of baby pickled pickle. Heat from her that make warm our tent, it never leave. My mother say with fearful eye "Yakov, should we?" I say Okay Mama, I bring with me some mens and we carry her. I go to tent of Levutskis. Levutskis my sister is die. Please need mens to carry her to forrest for bury. They tell me Kiss off. I go to tent of village Priest, scratch on zipper. I hear voice inside say "No one home!" I guess when small victim girl is die and make request people no take a vengence, people have to no take a vengence, but no have to like it. For me, I never blame. I want to burn forrest as well so.

I bury her by self. Carry her there by self. Alone dig hole. Alone digging and ghost come close to my ear and say "Yakov!" in very fast whisper, and I turn head swiftfully and no one there. Whole time ghostful harrassing. But I make finish grave of Sissy. Make a kiss and say Bye Sissy and cover her with soils. Walking back to home, through this bushes and scurry animals, I hear in distant this Hoo Ha Hoo Ha Hoo Ha chanting of Forrest Peoples at the comming out moon.

Many weeks passing, me and Mama sitting sulking. Around us camp is dancing. Dancing for forgetting. Heat in tent is baking. Outside I take a walking. All the while I wondering, what I goings to do? Mama is depressing. No more Smaller Brother. No more Baby Sissy. Yakov is no working. No more money comming. Weather of season sunning, same time raining every day.

Home I come from walking, doing much of nothing, discover Mama sitting with beautiful foreign face womans, laughing laughing. Something make opossum trap on lung when I sight of her, no more breathing.

Interpret Person says to me "Yakov, here is Lisa. Your Mama give permission her stay with you for this weeks while she learn language of us peoples."

And this was like cool breeze on feverish day I says now.

Interpret Person say, "This Lisa bring a news. Apparent she stop to visit Forrest Peoples before come to here for first learn their language, but they gone way now." And this make Lisa nodding, scratch chest, make adjust shirt bra.

"Gone way?" I sayed.

"Yes," sayed Interpret Person. "They relocate to Capitol. Apparent," Interpret Person like say "apparent", "there emerge new strain of fruit tree that grow to overtake whole of forrest. Fruits from this tree very tasty sweet, but make a peoples very sick. Also make animals sick, and strangle roots of friendful plants and bushings. Forrest can no more hospitate Forrest Peoples. Many of them is die from this. Is very strange."

Maybe not so strange, I sayed, and turn to Lisa smiling. And this is how we meet together first time.

Today 4:03 AM

The End

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