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Please excuse, never before will I whine like this.

I am recent married just over one year and wife has gone temporary on hiatus from me journey (because public forum I cannot caloose specifics of wife journey, only say her journey is of job relation and not in react to kind of marital problem cause by me).

However, yesterweek she ask me for mail to her her favorite Ruskie novella and in process of dig inside wallshelf I collision with old book of dust I discover was her diary. I say to myself I should not read it. But I read it.

Most freshest entries in book happen 2 years ago in which like slap in mustache I find shocked that Lisa do affair with her work boss, who himself is married man with many muscular childrens.

Their affair before we come married, fine, none of my business. But in book was pages plus more pages of sex with this bossman, and she tell vividly with much umpf umpf you know. And then she write things with point of view like if she is actual wife of this bossman, like if his childrens and even his dog Mittens, was her children and her Mittens, and her writing become dark almost like Fatal Attraction movie with Kirk Douglas. She become wierd.

Still today she work for this same bossguy. And on regular basis eat with him luncheon she call "business luncheon", just her and this bossman, and I not the kind jealous from this, but it just her and him on this business luncheon, this umpf umpf guy from diary. She never tell me.

I mean, syvakso Lisa! Kelvin (her bossman) give speak at our wedding for sake of f**k! And why is I not to be found one word of in precious diary? She begin write it when she 13 and write no more after affair with bossguy just before she meet me first time. Can life be with Yakov (me) really so much boring?

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Dear DirtyBox,

Nah man, youre not boring. Your wifey prolly just stopped diarying after she met you cuz your awesome conversational skills brought some peace into her formerly exciting life. Give urself some credit.

Plus nothin ever happens on "business lunches". Yeah she has daily contact with a dude she made wild love to once upon a time. I mean two years ago. Which aint really all that long ago when you think about it. But we live in the modern world. More or less standard stuff. Nothing at all to worry about.

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I disagree with Sarcashole that your W and your W's B made "wild love". Nowhere does the OP say that the love his W made to her B was wild. Or even that it was love. It coulda just been a fling. It coulda been flingy. Flingy and now they're just colleagues. But I personally wouldn't feel too chipper if my Jimmy had lunch with a girl he used to boink. Especially if that girl was signing his checks. Checks he used to put food on my plate. That would just be icky. Icky and incestual. Like their boinking was somehow making it possible for me eat. And thereby to live. And I don't know about you but it would be hard for me mentally knowing that the only reason I'm so plump and healthy is because of my Jimmy boinking food onto my plate. That would be tough. A tough pill to keep down. Anyway…

Hope everthing works out!
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Much thank yous from what you say two of you respondents. I dont aware of reason I Yakov no appear in pages of diary. I do many brand of movement for writing person to make journalism. For example I love go fish hunting. Many oftens I come awake in morning with much vigor and say in mind, instead of lay awake on side of Lisa who sleep for next minimum 4 hour in dark of morning, why I do not rise and drive to river for get for us dinner of wide mouth bass and on way home I buy some orange for nickel from Mexican on side of highway? Many energies I have in morning. Most probably because I no work employment. So for save money I fish hunting. I do my part. I learn from Lisa this phrase "do must your part". I also learn from her phrase "a wife like for husband be there when she wake up in morning". For this I feel like rock between hard place. Should I everyday hunting for this free wide mouth dinners? Or should I prisoner of bedtime even wide awake and wait for Lisa greet new day by witness my lazy laying there with open eyes to ceiling? Please some one make understand for me to keep happy this womans.

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Sarcashole                                                 Re: Wife Diary
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I'm still sayin wild love. Has to be. That's what Bossman was/is giving her. And you gotta compete. Forget the fishing pole and start Tarzanin' that ass in the morning. Don't even wait for her to wake up. Or better yet, wake her up by doin the Tarzan-call at the top of your lungs. Then go to work on her. She'll respect you more after that, guaranteed!

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Can't you see the OP is in pain? Can't you see the nightmare of opening pandora's box and finding inside that box his wife in the arms of another man is upsetting him to the point he can't even type straight? It's hard! A hard thing to fathom!

It makes me teary to say it, but once, one terrible day, I found my Jimmy in the arms of someone else. Except it wasn't in a box. It was on our warm-up honeymoon. See we went to Puerto Rico to make sure we'd like it first before taking our actual honeymoon--which hasn't happened yet because of what happened on our warm-up honeymoon--which was Jimmy wedged up against a cocunut tree by a bartender named Luis. Sadly, they were not fighting.

I guess what I'm saying is I feel the OP's pain. It shouldn't be made light of!


Don't jump to zany conclusions. I'm sure your W just wanted to try something different. Like maybe you're kind of chubby perhaps? And maybe your W just wanted to see what a roll in the hay would be like with a non-chubby person? And maybe you are somewhat pasty? And maybe you have a few visible vericose veins in your upper thigh? And maybe your W's B has bronze, sun-soaked skin and the frame of a ballroom dancer, and knows how to make a good whiskey-sour. All things you yourself do not possess, possibly? You must forgive! To err is human. You are not boring. Or worthless. Or useless. You are a special creature! Special even if somewhat scale-tipping. If you are in fact scale-tipping. Which perhaps you are? Maybe we need more info here.

Somewhat confused maybe,

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