What do you mean?!

I walked into the house after my chores and sat down at the dinning room table to do my homework. For some reason, my parents insist I do my homework in plain sight, I guess to make sure I'm really doing homework and not texting my friends.

When Dad got back in, I was ready. He sat down in his recliner in the living room and I brought him a Sam Adams.

"Thanks, Lil," he smiled as I sat it on the coaster on the end table next to the chair.

"No prob, Dad," I smiled back.

"How's school been?"

"Great. There's a new boy. His names Peter. He's living with his aunt and uncle a couple places over. Maybe you've met him?" I said casually.

"Actually, I was just talking to his aunt earlier today. Did he come by and see you today?"

"He did, and that's really wanted to talk about."

"What about it?" Dad asks, a confused furrow forming between his eyebrows.

"I don't need you setting up play-dates for me, okay?" It came out snobbier than I meant it too, and Dad gave me a funny look.

"What do you mean?! Did you not want to show him around town?"

"No, I want to, I just don't want you setting it up for me."

"But his aunt came over and--"

"You should have told her to have Peter ask me. Can you do that for me next time?"

Dad looks at me for a while and it feels like he's trying to read my mind. Finally, he nods and says, "Sure, honey. You almost ready for dinner?"

"Sure. I'll set the table."

The End

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