Peter smiled and began to walk toward the cow next to me, Daisy I named her after a cartoon cow from a kids show. "got a bucket?" Peter asked

"yeah, next to the bags of chicken feed in the corner" Peter nodded and grabbed a bucket.

"Y'know I've been thinking N-uh Lilly..."


"I was wondering why you came out the other night, I wasn't sure whether you were curious, worried or trying to sneak out"

"I was worried. I heard a sound and for all I knew my neighbour coulda been in danger"

He nodded "but if it was a stalker or a murderer or something you could have been in danger"

I laughed "guesse so but I put others before myself. Plus I do have a pretty loud scream" I smiled "Not that I had anything to worry about since it was just you Peter" I concentrated harder on Brownie so I didn't look at his face.

"True, but if there were anything out there besides me I coulda handled it" he laughed. "Say Lilly when abouts are you finished milking the cows?"

"About 4-5 oclock, thats the usual time I finish my chores during the week days"

"and weekends?"

"I have all to myself" I beamed, I think I was begining to like Peter, it was slow but hey we might become good friends in a couple of years.

"I was wondering if you could show me around at some point, it's been a while and lets face it, this isn't england" He smiled. I noticed his accent then, the beautiful british accent made him even more cute, damn that man!

"Um I suppose I could.....when?"

"How about tomorrow, after school. I could help you with your chores if you'd like"

"okay. tommorrows do-able"

"Great. it's a date" my eyes widened at the word.Date. Just an expression I told myself. He's just looking for a tour guide.

"I'll have to check with my dad first-" I stopped, Peter seemed guilty......

"Actually, my aunt already asked him, I wanted to ask you though, it's not fair otherwise."

Great. So now I was being set up on play dates, I was going to have a few words with my father.......

The End

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