Algebra, as always, made me feel as though a wooden stake was being pierced through my heart, an inch an hour. Ms. Widlew's reedy voice was enough to drive anyone off the edge, not to mention the fact that I also happened to be in a class about two years too easy. 

Then, of course, right as I was about ready to doze off and get a well-needed nap, I was called on to answer the question Ms. Widlew had just asked. Obviously, I had no idea what the answer might be. 

After being given my second detention slip this month, I headed off to Biology in a foul mood. As I entered the lab, a monarch butterfly landed on top of my head. As I was about to smack it away, a hand grabbed my wrist and gingerly pulled the butterfly off my head. I turned around. It was Kayla, an absolute science nerd.

i had totally forgotten that today was the day where we set our monarch butterflies go. As I sat in my seat, I realized that there was someone sitting in the usually vacant seat next to me. I glanced over and sighed.

"Well if it isn't the Fry Cook," I said dryly.

"Ah, Nosy, can't believe how much I've looked forward to our meeting," he replied, just as sarcastically, giving me the most adorable, and yet despicable smile possible in the existence of mankind. Great, now there would be butterflies both inside and outside my stomach.

The End

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