Good Girl

I was ready to run for my life when someone called my name. It was a boy about my age by the look of it, he was quite tall, blonde and breathtaking. I realised I was gawking when the boy chuckled and I immideately shut my mouth

 "your my neighbour right?"I nodded and he snikered "I guesse who ever made up the saying 'nosy neighbour' must have lived next to you"

I developed an immediate dislike to him the moment those words came out of his mouth. "I heard some noise and I was-"                    

 "-nosy?" he snikered again "why dont you be a good girl and get to bed?"  He was patronising me! Now I was mad!  I growled #

'fine! but FYI I was worried and I am 15 not 5!' and with that I stalked off.  

The End

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