Fifteen Minutes Later

Ugh! This is torture! Whats going on?!

I charged after him as he bounded to the door, the look of a murderer in his eye "Alex! Alex stop! What are you going to do?!" I grabbed his hand, warm but stronger than before, he turns to me "I'm just going to tell that child that he has no right to kiss someone who isn't his!"
"It was nothing! Please stop this!" I looked at him desperately
He smiled at me kindly and pulled me into a tight hug "Don't worry Lil I wont use violence on the little brat, he's not worth it" he pulled back and kissed my forehead, smiling brightly "Just stay in here and it'll all be sorted, I'll come unlock the door then" and with that he locked the door behind him.

I pace back and forth, unable to keep still what if they get hurt? I'll never forgive myself if either one of them gets injured! It feels like hours since he locked me in the kitchen -yes I know it sounds ott but to be honest he did it cos he knows if I interfere I'll get hurt- I look to the clock fifteen minutes? Is that all? Where is he??? What if......something! I can't think like that!

I hear a loud click of the door and run to it, expecting to see Alex's smile but instead seeing Peter's terrified face "Peter???"

He huggs me tightly "Lilly! I'm sorry, I saw Alex charge out of here in a really pissed mood, he looked like he was gonna murder someone, I thought......" he pulled back to look at me "Did he do anything to you? Did he hurt you?"

"No! What are you talking about? Alex would never hurt me!"

"Oh yeah? Then why'd he lock you in here then drive off in his flashy car?"

"He did it to protect me!"

"And you don't think thats obsessive? He locked you in the kitchen and left you for God knows how long if I hadn't picked the lock......." he shakes his head and stares into my eyes "I don't want you hanging around that guy! He's no good!"

"You don't have any right to tell me who to hang out with! Now let go of me!"

"I wont let you put yourself in danger Lilly, I love you so I wont let you get hurt! Even if you carry on seeing him I'll watch over you even if you hate me for it, I don't care! Anyway I'm sure you'll want to wait for Alex so I'll leave you to it, just be careful" and with that he lets go, ruffles my hair and leaves.

"Peter you idiot, why did you have to say all that?" I let the tears slide down my cheeks, dripping onto the kitchen floor "Those three words that made my stomache's not fair!" I stand there, unable to move.


"Lil! Whats wrong? I'm sorry I left you like that! I was out of line! Lil?"

"I....where did you go?"

"I went to pick something up, talking to that idiot wouldn't solve anything so I wanted something to prove your mine, I'm sorry I took so long, I did leave a key on the side"

I turn my head and see thats true, he left my spare on the side so I could get out, he is a nice guy he was just proving a point.

He takes my hand gently in his and looks into my eyes "I'm sorry rom the depth of my soul, am I forgiven?"

I smile how could I ever doubt him? "Yeah"

He smiles brightly "So about the thing to prove your mine......" He reaches for a bag by his side and passes it to me, urging me to open it. I open the bag and inside is a small gold box "Open it"

I do as he says and gasp, it's a ring, a white gold band with a single blue amethyst in a ring of cubic zirconia's , truly captivating. "It's beautiful! Alex, I can't accept this-"

"Yes you can, it's custom made, if you don't take it, it'll go to waste, diamonds these days, so many different styles, but lucky for me you already picked one out when we were younger" he winks at me "Lets put it on you shall we?"


"Don't worry I'm not expecting marriage, you are only a teen, this just means your mine, no one elses"

The End

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