Alex challenges Peter

I waited and waited, looking out the window for Alex's car, for a week and a half after I got his message. Then, one day, a car I didn't recognize pulled into my driveway.

I ran down the stairs but made myself stop at the front door. I took a few deep breaths, fluffed my hair, and smoothed my skirt. Then I strode out the front door and saw Peter and Alex shaking hands.

I was so shocked that I stood on the front step with my mouth wide open for about ten seconds before Alex saw me and ran up and gave me a big bear hug.

"Hey, Lil, it's been awhile."

"Yeah. Hey, Alex."

"I was just talking to your new neighbor, Peter,"

"Yeah, I noticed."

Then Peter came sauntering up. He draped his arm around my shoulders and pulled me closer. I was so horrified I didn't even think to step away.

Alex just stared for a minute at us before saying, "Oh, I see. Lily, can I talk to you for a minute?"

"No," Peter said.

"Yes," I said. I glared at Peter and shrugged away from him. I opened the door and let Alex in. Then I slammed the door in Peter's face.

Alex sat down at the table and I brought him a glass of water. He sipped it. Then he slammed it down on the table and asked, "Are you dating him?"

"No! I don't know what he was doing. I was just stunned. I didn't know what to do." I babbled. "I don't even like him. I've been avoiding ever since he kissed me." I clapped my hands over my mouth.

"He kissed you?" Alex asked.

I nodded, unable to speak.

"Did you kiss him back?"

I shook my head.

Alex stood up quickly, knocking his chair over. "I think I'm gonna go talk to him," he said as he stormed out the front door.

The End

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