"Come down" he stared strait into my eyes and for a second my anger melted away, until I looked at his lips and then it all came back.

"No! Now go away before you wake up my dad!"

"I wont go away until you come down and talk to me" he stared back at me defiantley, stubbornly planting his feet in the yard.

"Fine!" I scowled at him with all my night and after seeing him cringe, turned and snuck downstairs and out the front door. "What do you want Fry cook"

"I want to know why you've been avoiding and ignoring me! I walked next to you and sat by you at lunch but you didn't spare me a glance! What did I do?"

What did he do? What did he do?! I stormed up to him, fury and disbelief blazing in my eyes "You wanna know what you did you cow patty! You kissed me! Thats what you did!"

"I don't understand, why would one kiss bug you so much?"

"Because it was my first! And I was saving it..." I didn't just say that, no one knows that!

Peter grabbed my hand "Who? Who is he? Do you have a boyfriend?"

"No...and it's none of your buisiness!!!!" the promise was a secret

"Who is he?"

 I snap my hand away "It's none of your buisness! Just do both of us a favor and leave me alone!"

I turned from him and marched up to the front door "I wont Lilly, I wont leave you alone!"

"We'll see" and with that I storn=med into the house and didn't sleep for the whole night.


The next morning dad had gone to work early and left the post next to the pad of sticky notes with a little message saying Dont be too hard on Peter, he's a nice kid.

Thanks so much dad. I turned to the pile next to it and saw there was a post card addressed to me.

 Dear Lilly, I know it's been a while and I bet you've probably forgotten about me but I can't wait to see you, I'm coming back to the neighbourhood so I hope you still live in that house of yours otherwise this might be a bit awkward.

See you soon.

Lots of love, Alex. xxx

P.S I hope you don't have a boyfriend, cos if so I'll have to remind you that your mine :-) x

I dropped the pot card back on the table and held my hand against my chest, Alex was coming back.

The End

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