The Beginning

"Lil, whats wrong?"

"NOTHING! I'M GOING TO MY ROOM!" I ran up the stairs and threw myself on my bed How dare he! That slimy Fry cook! What a jerk!

I touched my lips, remembering the kiss and turned bright red. Why did I have to choose tonight to get all emotional?

It was so much easier when I was younger, in the beginning I used to beat up this kid next door, Alex I think his name was, he was older than me but a bit of a wimp, I can remember how his shaggy sand coloured hair always hung down over his eyes when he cried after getting made fun of by the girls over the road, I used to protect him as much as I beat him, I had a crush on him since the day he drew a beautiful sketch of my farm making it look like magic, we spent every second together but one day when I was nine he had to move to the states cos his mum had found a new husband who worked there. He was about 11 then and the second before he got in the car he gave me his sketch book, kissed my cheek and promised to come back for me so we could run away together, a kid's promise.

I grabbed the book from under my pillow and flipped to the sketch of him and me, I wonder what he's doing right image of fryer ran through my mind and I shook it from my head. Whatever, I wont let him get to me as far as I'm concerned he's just the new guy next door. It's time to ignore and start again from the beginning.

The End

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